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Whether you have a hot, sharp sports car or family-size and reliable minivan, nothing dresses up a vehicle better than a great set of aftermarket rims and the right tires.  Here at MotorSports Authority in Hot Springs, we have the tires and wheels you need to create the perfect, bold look for your vehicle. From BF Goodrich to Fury Off-Road, we offer quality, long-wearing tires for street, track, and off-road vehicles, plus a top-notch variety of rims from makers like Rockstars and Fuel. Stop by and visit your friends at MotorSports Authority and let us assist in turning your vehicle from plain jane to an eye-catching ride! Come by today!


TIRES, TIRES AND MORE TIRES: It doesn’t matter if you are driving a luxurious SUV or your grandmother’s station wagon, we all want peace of mind and safety. When we’re out on the road, most of us don’t appreciate how much our personal safety depends on the four saucer-sized patches of rubber where your tires meet the road. The next time you need new tires, trust MotorSports Authority to sell you the tires you need to keep you and your family safe. MotorSports Authority has one of the best selections of tires and tire brands in Hot Springs, including trusted, premium brands like BF Goodrich, Nitto, and Fury Off-Road. For any type of vehicle, street or off-road, MotorSports Authority can fit your vehicle with the right kind of tires that will give great traction, help assist your vehicle’s fuel efficiency, and keep you safe.

ROLLING ON THE RIGHT RIMS: When you are wanting to customize your vehicle and express your individuality, a great-looking set of aftermarket wheels can make or break the look of your vehicle, and are a crucial component to having a fantastic-looking ride. We at MotorSports Authority understand that concept, and take pride in our inventory as we offer the best quality rims to our customers. We carry brands like Specialty Forged, American Force, the awesome Rockstars and many more, and can help you select the diameter, color and offset that will make your vehicle sit right and look great. You deserve a vehicle with a  bold presence and individual look out on the street. Let MotorSports Authority help you achieve that. 

AWESOME SERVICE TEAM: At MotorSports Authority, we take pride in our customer service, and that starts with our service department. We have one of the most dedicated and experienced service teams in central Arkansas, full of experienced and skilled technicians who know their business and do things right the first time. That’s because MotorSports Authority knows both your time and hard-earned cash is valuable to you, and we want to help you keep both. We offer a variety of services including full-body repair, paint correction, vehicle wraps, accessories installation, fitting your vehicle with the perfect set of rims and tires and more. 

At MotorSports Authority of Hot Springs, we understand everybody wants a vehicle that’s as individual as they are, and customizing your vehicle to reflect your personality and your uniqueness is a great way to do that. With a great selection of aftermarket wheels and quality tires by the brands you trust, we can assist you in making your vehicle your own. Come visit your friends at MotorSports Authority of Hot Springs for new tires, wheels, paint, auto repair or even a reliable pre-owned vehicle at a price you can afford. We’ll get you back on the road, guaranteed. Hope to see you soon!